V-Pick Small Pointed CP

V-Picks Small Pointed Chick Pick


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Product Description

2.75mm -

1″ tip to tip -
Symmetrical -

Pink and they are BEAUTIFUL!

This guitar pick is the best replacement for small jazz picks or plectrums. It gets a crisp, bright, yet full tone with a wonderful mid-range. You’ll hear the difference immediately! This pick never moves around in your hand, because it is made of our own special blend of acrylic and it grips your fingers. No more slipping or dropping your guitar pick! This relaxes the muscles in your hand and allows freedom of movement, which helps you play faster and more accurately. The pick is symmetrical, which gives you 3 times the wear and playability. An outstanding pick if you love a small sized guitar or mandolin pick with a point.

Also available in Ruby Red, Clear and Pearly Gates White.


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