Leather Wristband Pick Holder

V-Picks Leather Wristband Pick Holder


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Product Description

Our leather items are all 100% hand made by a family in Nashville, TN. They use the best leather I have seen. I LOVE these leather items and I am very proud to be able to make them available to our customers.

If you find yourself using different V-Picks on different songs, here is a perfect solution to the problem of where to put your picks in-between songs. This nice, quality, black leather wristband holds up to 3 different picks, practically at your fingertips. Comfortable to wear and very handy, it stops the embarrassment of fumbling in your pocket for the right pick or trying to find the correct pick on a dark stage. Very stylish and can be worn on either wrist. The more you use it, the more comfortable it gets.

The Wristband comes with two snap adjustments. The smallest adjustment will fit most ladies and the larger one fits most of the guys we tried it on.

DISCLAIMER : Since these are handmade leather products, it may vary slightly from the picture above.


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