Our Students

” I know you want to find the perfect place that can lead you to become a singer, a guitarist or a drummer. Trust me when I say You Found It. Just take a trial class and see where it goes. But I can tell you that you are making a huge mistake if you do not give it a chance” -En Chyi

“Once you attend, there are no regrets” -Kieran

“TOS has opened a new chapter in my discovery of music…in all it’s fun and hard work. No regrets,love it!!!” -Paul

“This is the place where my journey began, so can yours.” -Michelle Than

“I went to bass guitar class for a day and POOF! Now I’m in a band.” – Harsha

“Thanks to Clarence, I feel like I’m getting musically better & I’m getting closer to my goal day by day. Without him, I probably wouldn’t even be in a band right now.” – ¬†Heerraa

“I took a chance coming to TOS & I cant’ begin to imagine how much it has paid off. Take that chance, that first step & TOS will make it happen for you. P.S. Teacher Clarence Rocks.” – Shreya

“I picked up my first musical instrument at TOS. I’ve never learnt any instrument or even had a shot to give it a try. At TOS I started learning the drums under teacher Caleb & now I can play a full song & various beats, & I even have my own drumset. Take a chance if you have a dream to play an instrument. TOS will make that dream come true.” – Madhav

“My singing technique has improved. I am more confident in performing in public. My coach Vijay is groovy. TOS is awesome!” – Sofie

“TOS has shown me that it’s never too late to start learning the guitar at any age. I started learning the guitar in my 20′s & now I can play & sing any song I like.” – Arthur

“You know the feeling of doubt- teacher’s qualification, safe teaching environment? TOS has all you need! Seriously, if you don’t believe me, take the free trial and see for yourself. Because I can’t believe how far I’ve achieved my goals. YES, Clarence Chua is absolutely a fun person to learn from. Always out the door with something new in your head.” – Wei Yun

“I LOVE IT!! Its FUN!!” – Aren

“I like it. It is so musical.” – Areeya

“I LOVE music & I LOVE coming here !!!” – Kendhra

“The teachers here are friendly & I love the environment.” – Daniel

“I enjoy coming to TOS. There is fun in learning the piano. My teacher Cammy is great.” -Shanel

“I like this school because I like the teachers & I also like to play the piano. I like to play music.” -Harshini

“The Theater of Sound is a great place to practice your vocals & is an experience you wont forget.” -Valentino

“My teacher gave me the inspiration to play the drums.” -Micaiah

“The teacher is very kind & nice. The lessons are interesting & you can learn lots of things. If you want to find a music class it will be here !!!! ¬†LOVE IT HERE!!! You should try! Best music class!! :) -Cammy

clarencechuaOur Students