Group Classes

Theater of Sound also offers lessons specifically tailored for larger groups: band classes, song-writing and music appreciation.

Band Classes

Discover how to play in a band with our multi-genre classes: the nitty-gritty of technical details alongside the glamour of rocking it out onstage. Learn how to interact with fellow musicians in ways that will bring out the best in everyone, both musically and relationally. Hone your leadership skills while working together as a team to create the totally unique musical entity that is your band. Bring your friends if you already have a group in mind; if not, come anyway and join up with other like-minded musicians at Theater of Sound.

Band : Just Give Me a Minute (Heerraa, Harsha, Arthur & Ernest)

Song-Writing Classes

Not a poet at heart? No problem. Hop over and check out our song-writing classes where techniques for lyrical composition are made easy to follow and even easier to apply. Learn contemporary music theory and discover a variety of tools for song-writing that are proven and used by professionals in the music industry today.

Music Appreciation Classes

Bored just seeing those words? Check that yawn and think again. At Theater of Sound, we believe in fully equipping our students with the tools and strategies necessary not only for a successful career in music, but for the greatest experience of music in and of itself – and we believe in making it fun. Broaden your understanding of the field with classes specifically focused on musical genres, time periods, artists and bands – both former and contemporary – and learn how such knowledge can deepen and reshape not only your outlook on music, but your music itself.

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