What Your Range?

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Helloo Belters, Have you ever wondered what’s your vocal range? And how your range compares to all your fav singers? Well here’s how… Here’s a very quick video on how.   Here’s the link to the vocal ranges of some of the top singers in the world and compare away. http://bit.ly/1mXm1Ly  Now you know where you stand among the best. I …

clarencechuaWhat Your Range?

Musician Idioms

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Hi Music People, Just read a cool article on Premier Guitar on Music Idioms by John Bohlinger. It’s good to know all of this just in case one day someone calls you a ‘Rolex’. Not a good thing, trust me. Although I don’t think I’ve used any of these before I’ve definitely used other idioms but for some reason I …

clarencechuaMusician Idioms