Great looking instruments which sound good, appeal to both men and women and that are also affordable represent a big part of who and what Luna is..but that’s not all. Our personal communication with the guitar community, sense of family, emphasis on social responsibility and the causes we support all speak to our passion to inspire the best in all of us.

V-Picks are the best guitar picks made today. This unique design renders FAST ACTION - SUPER GRIP and a COMPLETE TONAL RANGE. Carefully calculated bevels and proprietary blend of acrylics create the most articulate, and slip-resistant plectrums you have ever played.

Electric guitar picks, Acoustic guitar picks, Mandolin picks, Gypsy Jazz, Bass, Dulcimer, and Therapeutic picks for players with injuries. With over 100 models to choose from, we have the perfect pick for you!

CARLOS SANTANA, STEELY DAN, AEROSMITH, ZZ TOP all play V-Picks, and for good reason. V-Picks are simply the best guitar picks made!

Henretta Engineering’s line of eight hand-made, all-analog “No-Knobber” effect pedals provide guitarists with boutique pedal tone in a small footprint.

The little pedals feature internal trimmers, allowing players to dial in the right sound without having to worry about re-setting parameters at every setup. They are perfect for the gigging guitar player and active jammer. – Premier Guitar (November 18, 2013)