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Where’s your music?

You know it’s in you. It’s there, waiting at the tips of your fingers, the edge of your tongue. It moves silently within you; now you need to learn how to crank up the volume.

Maybe you’ve already made a start but you know there’s more. There are higher heights to scale and you’ve got what it takes for the climb.

Or maybe you’re not sure if you have it and you need someone to help you find it.

Whatever your situation, Theater of Sound is there with you – we are uniquely equipped to assist as you explore the realm of music and navigate the juncture between theory, practice and real-world application.

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Theater of Sound was founded by Clarence Chua on 20th March 2011. In April 2011, he got his first student. In 2012, he got a coffee machine. The sky’s been the limit ever since.

Today, Theater of Sound is a group of people whose excitement about music is exceeded only by our desire to see it at work in the world. We know that the music scene in Malaysia is still developing, and we want to be part of making it what we know it can be.

At Theater of Sound, we seek to expose students to the immensity that is music and set them on the path to discover their place within it. We give no guarantee of where each journey will end, only the promise that our students will be equipped for travel.

At our core, we desire and believe in music that is applicable to life. Exams and official evaluations are available, but we evaluate in order to employ: our interests lie not only in the assessment of skills, but in their use. Every aspect of a student’s musical training is useful, whether they become rock stars, piano teachers, housewives or businessmen.

Music is flexible and multi-faceted – it may emerge in different areas of your life, in forms you did not expect it. We celebrate and cultivate such diversity, preparing our students for the role music will play for them and, in turn, the role they will play in the world.

Music is a journey. Are you ready to take yours?

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