What Your Range?

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Helloo Belters, Have you ever wondered what’s your vocal range? And how your range compares to all your fav singers? Well here’s how… Here’s a very quick video on how.   Here’s the link to the vocal ranges of some of the top singers in the world and compare away. http://bit.ly/1mXm1Ly  Now you know where you stand among the best. I …

clarencechuaWhat Your Range?
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Back to Basics @ Jac’s

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ELLOO!! We are proud to announce that we will be launching our very 1st unplugged competition in collaboration with Jac’s on the 8th. Click HERE for more details.

clarencechuaBack to Basics @ Jac’s

Musician Idioms

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Hi Music People, Just read a cool article on Premier Guitar on Music Idioms by John Bohlinger. It’s good to know all of this just in case one day someone calls you a ‘Rolex’. Not a good thing, trust me. Although I don’t think I’ve used any of these before I’ve definitely used other idioms but for some reason I …

clarencechuaMusician Idioms

And.. We are a GO!!

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Welcome welcome, Today marks the launch of our new website. I know I know it took awhile but we got there in the end.  A very BIG thank you to all those that made this happen as well as those who have supported us in other areas all these times.  We wouldn’t have made it without you. Do check our …

clarencechuaAnd.. We are a GO!!