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Theater of Sound was founded by Clarence Chua on 20th March 2011. In April 2011, he got his first student. In 2012, he got a coffee machine. The sky’s been the limit ever since… Find Out More


Decisions, decisions, decisions. With so many schools around, what makes us stand out from the rest? Click below to find out why Theater of Sound is the school for you….. Find Out More

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- Our Students -

” I know you want to find the perfect place that can lead you to become a singer, a guitarist or a drummer. Trust me when I say You Found It. Just take a trial class and see where it goes. But I can tell you that you are making a huge mistake if you do not give it a chance” -En Chyi

“Once you attend, there are no regrets” -Kieran

“TOS has opened a new chapter in my discovery of music…in all it’s fun and hard work. No regrets,love it!!!” -Paul

“This is the place where my journey began, so can yours.” -Michelle Than

“I went to bass guitar class for a day and POOF! Now I’m in a band.” – Harsha

“Thanks to Clarence, I feel like I’m getting musically better & I’m getting closer to my goal day by day. Without him, I probably wouldn’t even be in a band right now.” –  Heerraa

“I took a chance coming to TOS & I cant’ begin to imagine how much it has paid off. Take that chance, that first step & TOS will make it happen for you. P.S. Teacher Clarence Rocks.” – Shreya

“I picked up my first musical instrument at TOS. I’ve never learnt any instrument or even had a shot to give it a try. At TOS I started learning the drums under teacher Caleb & now I can play a full song & various beats, & I even have my own drumset. Take a chance if you have a dream to play an instrument. TOS will make that dream come true.” – Madhav